West-London Solidarity Picket for Deliveroo Strikers


Deliveroo delivery drivers in central London are on strike against a management attempt to undermine their pay and conditions. Workers didn’t just accept what management dictates, they didn’t just moan – they took direct action, they went on strike together. All of us low paid workers can learn a lot from them – and should support them…

To find out more about the strike and how to support it:



Seven restaurants in Wembley area have signed up with Deliveroo. A small group of us – warehouse workers, factory workers and unemployed – started with visiting one of them in Perivale today. We talked to the restaurant workers and customers, explaining that the action targets not the restaurant, but Deliveroo. We handed out leaflets to delivery drivers and suggested to the restaurant manager, that he should contact Deliveroo and ask them to stop hassling their workers. We will continue making our rounds and so should you – we suffer from the same exploitation as our courageous sisters and brothers working for Deliveroo…

Victory to the Deliveroo workers! For multi-national working class solidarity!