Who we are

We are a group of people in Bristol who believe that the working class has to create independent organisations to defend themselves, to fight for a better life and to develop a vision of a classless society.

This system is in crisis, it destroys working class lives and nature in general. We think that we need a working class revolution – the take-over of hospitals, factories, universities, power stations by those who run and use them, for the benefit of all, which includes future generations.

A revolution would get rid of the bullshit jobs of market researchers, financial asset managers, arms manufacturers and political pen-pushers. We can all engage in socially useful work and all work much less, to have time for friendships and beauty. Under workers’ control we can make better use of technology and knowledge.

This is not a far away goal. It is connected to our day to day struggles against job cuts or evictions or for better wages. For these struggles to be effective we have to organise them ourselves and not rely on organisations that we don’t control. In these struggles we can learn how to organise, we can make contacts to other workers, we can raise other working class issues. These struggles are our revolutionary school.

As a group we want to support this process. We organise discussions in order to learn from other workers’ struggles in the past or in other countries. We organise independent groups and workers’ newsletters in places where we work and live. We create links to similar groups in the UK and abroad. We stay independent from trade unions and parliamentary parties. There are no bosses amongst us. If you are interested to work with us, get in touch.

Contact: bristolworkers@protonmail.com

Twitter: @bristolworkers

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